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When does the beta start?

When does the beta start?

Sector’s Edge is a first-person shooter built around destruction. It has started to gain momentum online as its fully destructible environment has been making the rounds on social media, and now players are looking to take part in the game’s next open beta.

But when does the next Sector’s Edge open beta start? How long does it stay online? Here’s what you need to know.

The current beta of Sector’s Edge started on Friday October 21st. This is the first open beta the game has hosted in its nearly two-year Early Access development. Where previous betas required beta codes or downloading beta branches, this one is available to anyone who navigates to the game’s page on the Steam Store and clicks the big download button.

The beta includes several new improvements, including ray-traced audio, a block-busting weapon attachment system, and more. Players can try it for free on Steam.

The developer studio Vercidium has not indicated when the beta could end. When does the beta start?

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