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Ntsiki Mazwai is a popular South African songwriter, poet, producer, beadwork maker, and author. She is regarded as one of the most influential voices in the country. She is popularly referred to as “Street Queen” by her fans. This is because of how much she promotes street culture via her platform.
Mazwai started her career as a background singer in 2002. In 2004, she released her debut single “Light Up My Life”. The song was well-received. It was featured on DJ Fresh’s album “Sgubhu SA Mampela”. She attained major recognition following the release of “Uwrongo” in 2005. It became one of the biggest songs of the year. She is known to blend her poetry into her music.

Ntsiki Mazwai

Ntsiki’s debut studio album “Ma Miya” was released in 2007. She has since released several other albums including “Wena”, “Believe”, and more. Mazwai has also dabbled in radio presenting. Her work as a poet covers topics on women empowerment, rape, abuse, etc. She is also an entrepreneur, making and selling beaded jewelry. She owns House of Mobu.

Ntsiki Mazwai was born in one of the ghettos in Soweto on the 3rd day of September in 1980. She celebrated her forty-first birthday in September 2021
Ntsiki Mazwai was single for some time. She does not have any children. She has recently come public with her romantic relationship. She unveiled her new man Botsang Moiloa. He is known for writing and publishing the book “A Soldier With Just Cause”. Social Media users have noted that Mazwai has been calmer on the platform since she announced her new relationship. Savanna News reported that Moiloa supported her by appearing in court for a mysterious case. Mazwai shared about it on Twitter referring to him as her “soldier”. She has also spoken out in her defence on social media. The couple flaunts their love on the platform.

Ntsiki Mazwai

Ntsiki was raised alongside her two other siblings, Thandiswa and Nomsa. They have all grown to be popular personalities in the country. They are popularly referred to as “The Mazwai Sisters”. Born in ’76, Thandiswa is the eldest. She is a musician and the lead vocalist and songwriter of “Bongo Maffin,” an award-winning Johannesburg music group formed in 1996. Nomsa, who is the youngest is an indie musician.

She once trending for a feud that happened between the sisters. Nomsa shared, “There was quite a deep sibling rivalry. There was some physical fights. I would just do stuff to her. We went to the same high school as well. She took really good care of me as a big sister but at the same time there was that sibling rivalry and she was my principal at school and watched my every move. And Ntsiki! Ntsiki was a tattletale.” However, Ntsiki and her sisters have had each other’s backs warding off criticism and backlash.

Ntsiki Mazwai

Ntsiki Mazwai is the daughter of Belede Mazwai and Dr Thami Mazwai, two of the greatest writers in the history of South African revolution. Ntsiki’s father, Dr. Thami was an editor of the popular news outlet, The Sowetan, while her mother Belede Mazwai was a militant journalist. She is a significant contributor to the changes in the country’s newsprint industry. Mazwai has called her mother who was involved in anti-apartheid campaigns, one of the greatest influencers in her artistic composition.

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