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What to do with waste packs?

Toxic wastepacks arrived in RimWorld on Friday in the game’s biotech update. These nasty little objects can be annoying space suckers at best and deadly pollutants at worst. They are primarily created when players adopt Mechanitor technology, and while this technology is powerful, it’s important to keep the pollution it causes at bay. Here are a few strategies you can try for managing waste packs.

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There are a few tactics to employ when it comes to wastepacks. The easiest thing to do is to leave the packages of rubbish where they are and accept the pollution. After all, polluted terrain is hardly useless – it develops its own ecosystem of flora and fauna that, while tricky, can be immensely beneficial.

If you don’t want to disrupt your ecosystem, you can try freezing your waste packaging. As long as they are not damaged or inflamed, they will not release toxins into your environment.

For a slightly cheekier solution, you can use caravans or transport pods to export your packages of waste out into the world and make them someone else’s problem. If you’re feeling particularly hateful, you can even drop them off in or around enemy bases.

Heavily polluted maps will naturally spawn Polux Trees that will slowly cleanse the land around them. Unfortunately, acquiring a Polux tree is essentially a bummer – the trees cannot be replanted because of their delicate root networks.

Finally, you can use expensive waste bin atomizers to eliminate them completely, but you may find this route too precious to put into practice.

For more information on pollution, check out our guide here. What to do with waste packs?

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