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The streamer’s husband made some disturbing statements during an argument they had, during which he threatened to kill the streamer’s dogs and take all of their money.

A few moments after the phone call, Amouranth disclosed the abusive texts that she had received from her husband. She revealed messages in which the other person threatened to throw away her items and merchandise if she did not respond to his messages. In the messages, the threat was made when she did not respond to the other person.

The broadcast that Kaitlyn did on October 16 became extremely popular on the internet after she admitted that she had been abused by her husband. During the course of the livestream, the internet personality, who is 28 years old, at one point inquired as to the reason why her husband had threatened to kill her dogs:

During the aforementioned livestream, Kaitlyn made use of the opportunity to display the abusive texts that she had received from her husband. She then proceeded to read out loud some of her partner’s offensive texts and said:

Watch Amouranth Online Leak Video and Chat

Amouranth received a phone call from a “assistant” at the very end of her livestream on October 16 inquiring about whether or not she had taken her medication. The livestream was then cut off immediately.

#Amouranth just tearfully told her chat about her husband who has been: controlling her financials, threatening to kill her dogs, verbally abusing her and more….

Dang these texts are messed up. ??

— humanx2 YT (Harry & Nanaboomsickle) (@humanx2live) October 16, 2022

In the stream, she also made a commitment to end her relationship with her husband and stated that she is “about to become true” to her status as a single person. This comes after it has been reported that he demanded that she act as though she was single and commit to participating in hot tub streams.

She further asserted that the instructions given to her by her husband led her to conceal the fact that she was married in the past. According to the story, he told her that it would destroy their “business model,” which is why it was kept a secret.

amouranth onlyfans leak

After being asked by an amouranth onlyfans leak video unheard female voice whether or not she had taken her medication, the stream came to an abrupt halt.

It’s only natural that a lot of people are worried about Siragusa and how she’s doing. Many people commended her bravery for speaking out about the abuse that she had been subjected to.

#Amouranth : CONTEXTO

— TopTwitchBot (@TopTwitch_EN) October 16, 2022

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