Voicemails of Kim Kardashian

A video shows Ray J and Kim Kardashian. Candice Owens’s alleged voicemail leaks say that Kim Kardashian left Ray J a voicemail almost ten years ago. In the voicemail, he first called the former couple “sick” and “disgusting,” and then he called Whitney Houston “the old man.” Follow Stoptechy for latest news.

On Candice Owens’s most recent podcast episode, she talks about how the Kardashians use black men. I was moved to play the recording, even though I don’t know how Owens got the sound. Before he’d “leave” them, they’d have gotten to where they are now. between the sand. Voicemails of Kim Kardashian and singer Ray J are said to have been leaked in a video.

Owens says, “There are some tapes of Kim Kardashian talking trash.” […] She isn’t the cute little Kim K that she acts like today. He yells at Ray J and calls Whitney Houston an idiot. It’s terrible. […] She is the exact opposite of the Kim Kardashian your kids grew up with.

Viral Video of Kim Kardashian

Then he told his audience that what they were hearing was just a sneak peek of the full recording, which hadn’t been released yet.

“I really think you are a sick person,” a voice that sounds like Kardashian says on the tape. You just need attention so much that you’ll do anything to get it.

I detest you so much. You are such a sick person; crack is the last thing you need. Have fun with Whitney, the old hag. Voicemails of Kim Kardashian and singer Ray J said to have been leaked in a video.

It is said that Kim Kardashian and the singer Ray J Full HD Viral Video

Ray J. gives out an old voicemail where Kim Kardashian yells at him.

At first, we thought that the Kardashians and Ray J’s fight, which was already public, couldn’t possibly get any worse. It seems like their relationship has become more serious recently.

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