The Minecraft 1.20 update will bring camels, bamboo crafting


Mojang has released the first look at the Minecraft 1.20 update.Camel riding, bamboo making, hanging signage, and more features will be available in Minecraft 1.20.Minecraft 1.20 will be out in 2023. Follow stoptechy for more info.

Mojang has revealed details about the upcoming big Minecraft release. During Minecraft Live 2022, the developer demonstrated new features that introduced to the game next year, as well as the forthcoming title Minecraft Legends. The update is known as Minecraft 1.20, and it introduce numerous new features to the game. While Mojang has not disclosed all of the facts concerning the Minecraft 1.20 update, the initial details are already available. Although the precise release date of this upgrade is unknown, it is expected to sometime in 2023.

Minecraft 1.20 update will bring camels

According to EuroGamer, Minecraft 1.20 will have camels that can leap short distances and carry two people. Aside from these, chiselled bookshelves, hanging signage, and bamboo handicrafts will included to the game. Players will be able to create a bamboo raft to sail across water bodies via bamboo crafting. On November 29th, 2022, the game will get brand-new default skins prior to the 1.20 release. When you begin playing the game, you will have seven additional options. More information on Minecraft 1.20 will released in the next months, according to the developer. The last Minecraft 1.19 update included a new biome, mob, and several other features to the game.

Minecraft 1.20 update

Mojang revealed further details on Minecraft Legends, the forthcoming real-time strategy spinoff game. Minecraft Legends, which will be released in 2023, let you to ride on top of an animal and explore a massive randomly created landscape. In Minecraft Legends, you may call friendly animals as well as monsters, instruct them to gather resources, and dispatch them into fight. Mojang also paid respect to the late Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade, who received the most votes for The Sniffer this year.

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