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The social media sensation and content producer is well-known for his humour and prank films, which he posts on his TikTok account. Her videos have amassed over 3.4 million followers. In January 2019, she began posting on TikTok. Her Instagram account, Jackie Gansky video has almost 180,000 followers. She also has a successful YouTube channel with the same name, where she releases comedic video. She is also an actress who has been in a number of films and television shows. Follow stoptechy for more info.

Her mum made an appearance on her TikTok account. She released a TikTok video in January 2020 to accompany Justin Bieber’s song “Yummy.”

Jackie Gansky video

In today’s extremely healthy content, a mother is so taken with her daughter’s creative “magic” that it scarcely qualifies as a gimmick. Jackie Ganski, a TikTok celebrity from Pennsylvania, tweeted a video of her mother Nancy doing the smart trick of two green cups and two lemons. Inventory scarcity? We keep a list of stores that still offer household essentials like toilet paper and hand sanitizer up to date.

All fact about Jackie Gansky video

Gansky showed her mother one of the lemons before covering it with the second green cup while the first cup was placed on the counter in front of the pair. The first glass, unbeknownst to her mother, had been filled with her own secret lemon. Gansky then lifted two cups while waving his fingers over the device like a magician. Gansky creates the illusion that she can magically move lemons from one cup to another by catching the lemons beneath the second cup and showing just the lemons under the first.

While TikTok users have long known about their orgies, her mother seemed to have seen someone come back from the grave in one of the purest responses ever. She shouted at the conclusion of the video, as Gansky held up two glasses to demonstrate the lemons doubling.

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People were naturally captivated by Nancy’s reaction to the easy achievement – the video has been seen over 16 million times on TikTok. “I adore that. You’re a true magician. “Your mother had no idea,” one person said. “Please tell me this is a genuine response,” said another. Many readers expressed a desire to attempt the prank on their own moms or children to see whether they produced the same priceless reaction.

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