Slickianna Last Video Before Death, Who Is Aneka Townsend & What Was Slickianna Cause Of Death!

Slickianna Last Video Before Death, Who Is Aneka Townsend & What Was Slickianna Cause Of Death! It seems like we have only sad news to share , as each day we are hearing about the demise of famous personalities who were just teenagers. After sharing the death announcement of an French rapper and a French rapper, it is very sad to report the death news of the death of a Jamaican influencer. The final video of the social media star is being shared on the internet and is being discussed on Twitter. The person who is the influencer has been identified by her name is Aneka “Slickianna” Townsend and her death announcement is shocking and unimaginable. Fans are deeply hurt and are mourning her loss, particularly after watching her most recent video.

Slickianna Last Video Before Death, Who Is Aneka Townsend & What Was Slickianna Cause Of Death!

Slickianna Last Video

According to the most recent news update, Jamaican entrepreneur and social media influencer Aneka Townsend died. The body was found on October 21st, 2022, in Reading which is located at Montego Bay, St. James. However, her death announcement was been made public on the 22nd of October, 2022. A popular social media influencer identified by the name Slickianna and her demise has shocked her followers since she was not sick and fans speculate that someone killed her. According to reports, her body was discovered floating in the ocean close to shore , and she was only wearing footwear. The police were informed of this situation and immediately went to the scene of the crime where they found her body floating in the river.

They are currently looking into the incident and in their report, they mentioned the fact that a gunshot was discovered on the head of the victim. It’s clearly an murder investigation and police are seeking more evidence. In addition the horrific and horrifying video that was posted online also showed a body floating wearing just one shoe that is similar to the shoes of an Instagram model that she wore in her final Instagram video. The tattoo was as well as a tattoo on the side of her bum and leg, which is exactly like the one that was discovered on the deceased bodies of Townsend. The last time she posted a video, it was before 16 hours following her death. A few of her followers claim that she already is aware that someone was responsible for her death.

Who Is Aneka Townsend

Social media well-known influencers were well-known on Instagram which has earned her 317k followers. Now, her followers are demanding the justice she deserves. The IG video shows her posting more than 12 images and postings to her IG account in the last 16 hours. The last image of her was posted 22 hours later and she was wearing the n**e-colored foam runners as well as a white T-shirt and shorts. She was also carrying an purse. Police are currently seeking to learn more about the incident. There was a rumor that she may be having a affair together with Baby Cham in the year 2019.

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