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RimWorld’s 1.4 update, coming in the form of the Biotech expansion, adds three new mechanoid commanders that players can defeat to gain access to their mechanoid chips. These, in turn, unlock mechanoid research, allowing players to create increasingly powerful Mechanitors. But all this progress comes with a downside: pollution. Here’s what you need to know about this new danger in the game.

RimWorld – Biotech Preview Post #2 is online! Battle Mechanoids, Pollution System, Mechanitor Upgrades and three Super Mechanoids to defeat for fun and profit.

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— Tynan Sylvester (@TynanSylvester) October 11, 2022

Each time a player builds or charges a Mechanoid, it creates a toxic waste pack. When these waste packages are frozen, they remain inert. But if they are not frozen, they will degrade and start polluting the terrain. They can also explode into poison gas if they get too close to an open flame or are otherwise damaged.

Toxifier generators also cause pollution, the main downside of their otherwise cheap and reliable power generation.

Pollution makes almost every living being sick. It can poison colonists and animals, building up toxins in their bodies that can cause vomiting, dementia, cancer, and worst of all, death. Pollution will also kill plants and, over time, attract toxin-adapted plants and animals.

If pollution increases, it will lead to dangerous weather phenomena. These include acidic smog, which injures colonists’ eyes, blocks the sun and slows plant growth, and corrodes exposed objects.

Colonists can take different paths to counteract pollution. First they have to clean up polluted terrain and turn the pollution into garbage packages. This process can also be automated, but if colonists are doing the work themselves, they will want to wear gas masks or other protective gear.

Once the pollution has been processed into waste packages, these waste packages can be frozen, exported, atomized or cleaned with polux trees. The last two options are the most permanent solutions, but they are also time-consuming, tricky, and expensive.

For more details on pollution, see Ludeon’s blog post on the subject. RimWorld Pollution Explained

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