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RimWorld’s newest DLC, Biotech, focuses on children and reproduction. It was released on Friday October 21st and is the third DLC for the colony simulation game. Available for $24.99 on Steam, it gives players the opportunity to expand their world by starting a family with children. There is a twist, however.

In the futuristic distant world of biotechnology, players can experiment with genetic modifications to conceive a child in a variety of ways. Here is a guide to getting pregnant in RimWorld Biotech.

RimWorld – Biotech is out! Our new RimWorld expansion featuring babies and children, gene modding and mechanoid control. 15 months of work – so good to finally get it out. hope you love it

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— Tynan Sylvester (@TynanSylvester) October 21, 2022

Reproduction can occur in biotechnology by natural and artificial means. Of course, colonists and misfits are capable of developing relationships that would result in pregnancy. However, players can play a part in this by fielding people with similar interests. In the game, colonists can also use a surrogate mother to give birth to their child.

Players wishing to avoid the additional and unforeseen consequences of pregnancy and childbirth can use advanced fertility techniques to conceive a child. This is accomplished by extracting and combining genetic material from the parents, which is then inserted into a machine to conceive an embryo.

Both pregnancy methods have disadvantages and advantages. A natural birth and upbringing of a child creates deeper bonds between families, and children can grow into well-rounded people. Children are given unique “learning” desires that make them grow as individuals. The presence of babies and children also boosts a colony’s overall morale.

Artificial birth allows players to skip the obstacles that come with pregnancy and childbirth. These include morning sickness as well as complications when the child is born. Incubation is also much faster. A natural birth lasts 18 days in the game, while an artificial birth only lasts nine. After a baby is ready for artificial birth, players can leave it in a growing vat to speed up the child’s development.

Here, parents miss out on a meaningful connection with their child, and children are also exposed to a poorer range of traits and passions than adults. When building an army, players often resort to artificial means. RimWorld Biotech Pregnancies Explained

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