Ola Electric launch event will take place on October 22.

Ola Electric launch event

Ola Electric may be getting ready to release a new electric scooter with fewer features and a lower price to appeal to a larger audience. As CEO Bhavish Aggarwal hinted, the new Ola electric scooter, likely a version of the Ola S1, will be released on October 22 at the company’s Diwali event. Even though not much is known about the car yet, it is thought that Ola could price it around Rs 80,000, which would put it in the middle of India’s scooter market. Follow hitsnewsy for latest news.

Since the FAME-II subsidy will end in March 2024, automakers may be getting ready to lower both the costs of making their products and the prices people pay for them.

Ola in India is a cheap electric scooter.

CEO Bhavish Aggarwal sent out a tweet about their Diwali 2022 event, where the top executive talked about a “big announcement” that would be coming soon. On October 22, there will be an event where a new low-cost electric vehicle (EV) is likely to be shown off in order to reach an even wider audience.

CEO Bhavish Aggarwal also talked about the news, saying that it “will speed up the #EndICEAge revolution by at least two years.” Even though we don’t know what this new product will be like yet, it’s likely that Ola Electric will drop some of the more fancy features. The new product might still have some connected tech, but it probably won’t be able to play music, have cruise control, or go down hills automatically. It could also go in the direction of a smaller battery pack and a more efficient motor. Ola Electric launch event will take place on October 22.

Ola Electric released the Ola S1 premium electric scooter in India on September 7 and set the price at Rs 99,999. (ex-showroom). The new S1 has a 3kWh battery. The Ola Electric launch event will be on October 22nd. ttery pack and has a range of 141 km. It also has most of the bells and whistles that the S1 Pro has. Here, you can read about how the Ola S1 and the Ola S1 Pro compare.

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