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Modern Warfare 2 Mastery Camos seemingly leaked

With just under a week to go until Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’s full release, three of the game’s potential Mastery Camos appear to have been leaked.

As long-time Call of Duty fans know, unlocking the new Mastery Camos is often high on many players’ priority lists when a new title comes out. And while it was previously leaked what these new MW2 Mastery camos might look like, it appears that thanks to a bug in the game’s Campaign Early Access, players can now get a glimpse of the Completionist set for themselves.

Several photos have surfaced on social media. Check out the @hotpipes_ tweet below introducing the three mastery camouflages.

3 mastery camouflages #ModernWarfareII #MWII #MW2

— Hotpipes (@Hotpipes_) October 21, 2022

The three main images floating around Friday morning consist of what looks like the new Gold Camo, the new Platinum Camo, and the new Polyatomic/Element Camo.

The gold camo in MW2 covers the entire weapon in a shiny gold, similar to what it was in COD 4 or Black Ops (2010).

The new Platinum Camo appears to be a very versatile cosmetic, draping the weapon in matte silver and black, with the black portion showing silver cracks.

Last but not least, the Polyatomic/Element Camo is seemingly the most important Mastery Camo. As previously announced, this looks very similar to the Dark Matter Ultra Mastery Camo from Black Ops Cold War, but is broken up so light reflects off it more dynamically depending on your viewing angle.

4 Mastery Camos are coming to MW2

Gold Camo (looks great)

platinum (looks good)

Shattered Dark Matter Ultra Double (looks great)

Space Camo (Dark Aether / Fall Camo) (looks good, could be better)

The weapon cover looks bad on the space camouflage

Multiple mastery tabs for additions.

— Metaphor (@Metaphor) October 18, 2022

Infinity Ward has yet to fully reveal its camos for Modern Warfare II. Previously it was mentioned that each weapon platform will feature camo and mastery challenges that are less repetitive and more sane.

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