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Modern Warfare 2 Change Activision ID error screen: How to fix it

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has encountered an infinite looping issue with the “Change Activision ID” display name plaguing the launch of the Early Access campaign.

For those who want to fix the problem as soon as possible, here is a breakdown of how to fix the change display name error in Modern Warfare 2.

Unfortunately, for many players, the start of Modern Warfare 2’s Early Access seems to have been spoiled to the point that upon launching the game, they are told that their current Activision ID display name is not allowed and that they need to change it to play. It seems this issue is mostly affecting those on PC via Steam and

Ultimately, this seems to be simply a bug on the part of Activision, as this just wasn’t a huge issue during the beta. Of course, Activision has been trying to step up its anti-toxicity measures with a new code of conduct and whatnot, but it seems many accounts have been inadvertently hit by this bug.

So it’s probably best to play it safe and wait until the time comes @InfinityWard or @ATVIAssist Acknowledge the issue and post a solution.

At the time of writing, there doesn’t seem to be a surefire fix. However, some users report that they are able to get in after restarting the game several times.

Others report that they still try to change their Activision IDs but are unable to do so because they receive an error message stating “You do not currently have a rename token available” even though they do so. When this happens, other players say they just restarted the game and tried renaming their accounts multiple times until it worked and let them in.

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