Jordan Gray is lauded for his legendary live performance

Jordan Gray

The comic jumped from behind the console and ripped off her bright pink costume, revealing her entire naked body. Last night, comedian Jordan Gray stripped naked at a live execution. Jordan, who identifies as transgender, performed her song Superior Than You from the acclaimed Edinburgh Periphery hit Is A Bird. As part of the station’s 40th birthday celebrations, Jordan removed her clothing during a rare one-time return of Friday Night Live. Those watching at home were stunned. Follow hitsnewsy for latest news.

Ben Elton, who was facilitating the scene, was joined by a number of comics for the relaunched scene, with Jordan directing the group’s efforts. Jordan, who also appeared on The Voice in 2016, stepped to the microphone at the song’s conclusion to issue a warning. She said, “The best part about live television is that I can do such incompetent stuff.” The comic then continued to leap from behind the console and rip off her bright pink outfit, revealing her entire naked body.

Jordan Gray Viral Video

The minute elicited an enormous response from supporters enjoying the performance at home. One tweet read, “I had never heard of Jordan Gray before this evening. My God, she’s incredible. Typically, the type of eccentric, extreme parody required for prime-time television. Excellent work by all! Seeing a naked trans woman on television is just what is required.” Jason Isaacs, a Harry Potter performance artist, was also amused by the stunt and urged Jordan to run for Prime Serve.-

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