Joe Biden dating advice to a young girl goes viral.

Joe Biden dating advice

A recent story concerning Vice President Joe Biden involves his dating advise to a young woman. During a speech at Irvine Valley Community College, Vice President Biden warned a female student, “No serious guys till you’re 30.” During the occasion, the dialogue was captured on film, and it has since gone popular on social media. Joe Biden dating advice to a young woman goes viral. Follow hitsnewsy for latest news.

During a campus meet-and-greet, the President is captured on tape snapping photographs. Later, he says to a female in front of him, in a joking tone, “Now, a very important thing I taught my daughters and grandchildren.” No serious men till the age of 30, he adds. Joe Biden dating advice to a young woman goes viral.

The rather embarrassed girl responded, “Okay, I’ll keep that in mind,” and then she began to giggle.

Video has garnered a variety of responses after receiving over 5 million views.

Prior to this, Joe Biden made headlines when he disclosed his friendship with a woman 18 years younger than himself. During his speech to the National Education Association, which was interrupted midway, the US President appeared to recognise a woman in the crowd. Say hello to me, if you will. We’ve travelled a distance. I was thirty years old, while she was twelve. However, I accomplished a great deal because of her,” he remarked. ”

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