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How to solve Gotham Knights owl head puzzle

How to solve Gotham Knights owl head puzzle

The Court of Owls has revealed itself in Gotham Knights, and we have the solution to their pesky owl head puzzle.

Gotham Knights features 16 puzzles that players must solve in order to complete the game. Some are tied to the main campaign and others through various side quests. These puzzles can range from connecting the right clues in an area, placing objects in a specific order, or surviving deadly traps.

Players will encounter the Owl Head puzzle after exiting the maze in Main Case 5.2. Upon entering the room, the player finds himself trapped in a giant owl head structure filled with light. The main story can’t continue until the room’s puzzle is solved, but fortunately, a video uploaded by PowerPyx titled Gotham Knights Puzzle 11: Owl Head Puzzle Solution in Labyrinth (Case 5.2) shows us the way.

As shown in the video, players must rotate the owl’s head by standing on different pressure plates in the room before the head resets. This will cause the owl head to face the exit and open the door to help you progress in the game.

The order in which players should stand on the pressure plates is listed below.

Face each other until the end of the room where you entered it Go to the slab closest to the first Run to the slab closest to the room entrance Finally, grab the dot above the entrance How to solve Gotham Knights owl head puzzle

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