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How to complete the Rule Breaker objective

How to complete the Rule Breaker objective

Luuk de Jong FIFA 23 Challenges went live during Rulebreakers Team 2 as a free card that could be earned during the promotion.

Rulebreakers is an annual FIFA Ultimate Team promotion where EA Sports changes the way players work by shifting their stats. A player gains a decrease in a certain area to facilitate upgrades in other areas. Another aspect of the promotion is Rulebreaker Player Picks, which give players a choice of two different promotional items after completing an SBC set.

PSV striker Luuk de Jong received a Rulebreakers card, which can be earned for free in objectives.

More gamechangers to shake up your roster ?⚽️ #rulebreaker Team 2 changes the way players play with groundbreaking attribute adjustments:


How to complete the objective set of FIFA 23 Rulebreakers de Jong:

Rulebreakers de Jong might not be a huge upgrade for players’ squads, but it is a free map to earn. There are also plenty of Eredivisie maps to use in the playlist considering Squad Foundations and the Savio Moreira SBC.

The special card also has the Longy AcceleRATE style and a five-star weak foot.

The objective card expires in a week. EA Sports also released a Rulebreakers Sheraldo Becker SBC. How to complete the Rule Breaker objective

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