Google Pixel Fold display characteristics have disclosed

More details on the Google Pixel Fold display characteristics. This time, we’ll look at the display characteristics of the foldable phone. Follow stoptechy for more info.


The Google Pixel Fold will use screens manufactured by Samsung.The internal screen may handle a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.The brightness of the display may reach 1200 nits.

The rumoured moniker for Google’s next foldable smartphone is Google Pixel Fold. In the recent past, there have been rumours concerning the Pixel Fold’s debut timetable and important characteristics. The Pixel Fold’s display characteristics have now revealed to stoptechy , courtesy of developer Kuba Wojciechowski. Wojciechowski also informed us last month that the gadget would most likely include a triple back camera setup. Google’s next foldable phone internally dubbed Felix. Let’s look at what we’ve discovered about the device’s display.

Display characteristics for the Google Pixel Fold

According to the developer, the Google Pixel Fold (Felix) would include both exterior and inside Samsung-made screens. A resolution of 1840*2208 will supported by the internal folding screen. It is 123mm x 148mm in size. The display will have a peak brightness of 1200 nits and an average brightness of 800 nits.

The inbuilt flexible display of the Pixel Fold will offer a high refresh rate. Wojciechowski is unsure, but it might reach 120Hz. At the time, this is all we know about the display characteristics of the foldable phone.

Google Pixel Fold display characteristics

As previously stated, the Pixel Fold will have three rear cameras. The main sensor is expected to be a Sony IMX787. An IMX386 ultra-wide lens and an S5K3J1 telephoto lens will also included in the system. The inside display may use an IMX355 sensor, while the outside display may have an S5K3J1 telephoto selfie sensor.

When will Pixel Fold be available?

The Pixel Fold was supposed to released this year, but a new source claims it will come in March 2023. Google has yet to publicly confirm the Pixel Fold’s existence. We were expecting for a teaser at the Pixel 7 series launch, but that did not happen.

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