Florida man allegedly tries to break into home after fleeing motel ‘ghost’

A Florida man was arrested on a burglary charge after he claimed a ghost chased him and a woman from a motel room – and he allegedly tried to break into a nearby home. A crazed Florida man who thought he saw a “ghost” at a motel ran wild though Daytona Beach Tuesday and wound up trying to breaking to a home while screaming “help me!” and getting arrested for burglary, cops said.

Andrew George, 38, and his companion Natasha Kachuroi, 36, had gotten a got a room at a Travel Inn shortly before the outburst — but demanded a refund when they heard the bathroom window opening, WKMG reported

. The couple believed a “shadow” was following them so they fled toward Beach Street, according to court records cited by the outlet. As they ran around the parking lot at the Halifax Marina, George fell into the water. His companion helped him out and they then sprinted to a business at 432 S. Beach St.

Kachuroi banged on the door and George picked up a chair to smash a window – crying for help and making a ruckus that woke up the residents of 426 S. Beach St. Florida resident Andrew George, 38, was charged with burglary after escaping what he believed to be a ghost at a motel where he was staying with Natasha Kachuroi, 36.

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