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FIFA 23 out of position ad and map design leaked

A new FIFA 23 promotion called Out of Position has apparently been leaked by Fut_Scoreboard on Twitter. Reputable FIFA leaker FutSheriff also retweeted the post.

The new “Out of Position” promotion would indicate from the name alone that the next promotion will feature players with new positions. EA Sports changed how squad chemistry and player positioning works in FIFA 23 by removing shortcuts in squads. In this way, players who have traditionally been trapped in a spectrum of positions on either the left, center, or right of a squad builder now have a base position and potentially multiple other positions.

These players can be moved to that position using a Position Modifier consumable. For example, Joao Cancelo can play both left and right defenders, as well as left full-backs.

I can confirm that this will be the map design for the upcoming Out of Position promo.

— Fut Scoreboard (@Fut_scoreboard) October 21, 2022

The promotion will likely take popular players and move them to new base positions. EA Sports may also go a step further and add different positions to a player’s card altogether.

The Shapeshifters promotion from years past traditionally had the same theme, with wingers changing sides, attacking players becoming defenders and more. Perhaps this new promotion will focus on entirely different positions for players. It is unknown how stat boosts would work for these players. Or maybe the theme is that players get chemistry no matter what position they’re in. That could break the game so early, so fans are waiting for more information.

Fut_Scoreboard on Twitter

Fut_Scoreboard also leaked the obvious card design for the promotion. Once again, the EA Sports map design team continues to improve their game. This map features a graffiti theme with vibrant colors throughout the map. Depending on player selection and dynamic visuals, these cards could be some of the most beautiful in FUT history.

Out of Position doesn’t have a confirmed release date, but you might expect this to be the next promotion after Rulebreakers. Perhaps the UEFA group stage team will follow first, but Out of Position should arrive before the World Cup content.

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