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‘Fake Barbie’ OnlyFans model is GUILTY of murdering boyfriend she stabbed in the heart

An OnlyFans model has been convicted of murdering her boyfriend after he told her their relationship was over.

Abigail White, 24, killed Bradley Lewis, 22, and called an ambulance but within minutes told a neighbor he had stabbed himself.

Mr Lewis was rushed to hospital from the defendant’s home in Chipperfield Drive, Kingswood, South Gloucestershire, but died hours later of a single stab wound to his chest.

After being arrested on suspicion of murder, White told police, “I didn’t stab Bradley.”

White, who made £50,000 in a year on online streaming platform OnlyFans, which allows users to buy and sell content, denied murder but admitted manslaughter of Mr Lewis because of diminished responsibility.

A jury at Bristol Crown Court rejected her defense and, after 12 hours of deliberation, found her guilty after a two-week trial.

Mr Justice Fraser briefly adjourned and will deliver judgment this afternoon.

Mr Lewis was fatally injured minutes after leaving a pub with White on the evening of March 25 this year.

A neighbor heard her yelling and dialed 999 and when she entered the house she found Mr Lewis lying on the kitchen floor while White told her he had done it to himself.

White continued the lies – he called a friend and told police that Mr Lewis was responsible for the stabbing – but later pleaded guilty to reduced responsibility to manslaughter.

A post-mortem revealed that Mr Lewis sustained a stab wound to his chest at least 7cm deep that penetrated his heart.

The court heard the fatal attack came during a turbulent time in White’s life, after she lost a baby she was expecting and learned of Mr Lewis’ infidelity.

The jury was told their relationship was strained as Mr Lewis left the family home and stayed with his mother.

In the days leading up to the incident, White had stabbed Mr Lewis in the arm, and on another occasion he told a friend on a phone call: “Help me Sophie, she’s trying to kill me, she’s trying to stab me, she’s hitting keep me up, she hurts me.’

On the day of the attack, Mr. Lewis was with White and another family at a park and told her, “I don’t want to be with you anymore, Abi.”

They had later gone to a pub together, where White got into a fight with other drinkers after they drank a bottle of wine, a Jäger bomb and two rum and cokes, and did a small amount of cocaine.

White told the jury she just wanted to “shock and frighten” Mr Lewis and they fell out after she felt he hadn’t stood up for her during the argument in the pub.

“We were arguing and he was pushing me and he was in the hallway. I went into the kitchen and saw the knife on the side,’ White said.

“Picked it up and went back to Brad. I walked over to him to shock him, to scare him with the knife, and before I knew it I had stabbed him.”

White denied she intended to hurt Mr Lewis, telling the jury: “No, I didn’t. It was just over before I even thought about it.

“I picked up the knife in anger and excitement, but I didn’t want to hurt or kill him.”

She accepted she lied to Mr Lewis after the stabbing, but denied she was trying to protect herself.

‘I was afraid. I was worried about what would happen to me, Brad and the family,” she said.

“I only wish I had told the truth from the start.”

dr John Sandford, a consulting forensic psychiatrist, said he believes White has a personality disorder but said the facts of the case suggest she was “aware of what she was doing” at the time of the attack.

“What is the root cause of this offense?” he told the jury. “In my opinion, it’s the dysfunctional relationship that created it.”

dr Sandford later added, “I think it’s fair to say that she had trouble controlling her emotions and her anger.” ‘Fake Barbie’ OnlyFans model is GUILTY of murdering boyfriend she stabbed in the heart

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