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Dead by Daylight Status Effects Guide

Dead by Daylight has multiple HUDs, including a status effect hub at the top of the screen. The first thing to understand is the difference between yellow and red status effects. Red means something negative is happening to your character, and yellow means something good.

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Undetectable (K)

The Undetectable status effect is a buff applied exclusively to the Killer.

Killers benefiting from Undetectable gain several stealth mechanics:

Suppresses the terror radius
Suppresses the red spot
Blocks her aura

Perks that activate Undetectable.


Survivors benefiting from Blessed are currently within 24 yards of an active Blessing Totem and benefit from its effects.

Perks that activate Blessed.


Survivors who benefit from Stamina can withstand damage from the Killer. Players who activate Stamina and take a hit have the Broken status effect.

Perks that activate stamina.



The Blindness Status Effect is a debuff that can be applied to both Survivors and the Killer.

Perks that activate blindness.


Survivors suffering from Broken cannot be healed or heal themselves past the injured state.

Perks that activate defective.


Survivors suffering from Curse are currently affected by an active Hex Totem.

Perks that activate cursed.

deep wound

Survivors suffering from Deep Wound have a new yellow health bar that degrades over time. If they don’t mend, the survivors will be put into a dying state as the gauge empties.

Perks that activate Deep Wound.


Perks that activate Exhausted.


Survivors suffering from Exposed can be knocked down with a single hit.

Perks that activate exposed.


Survivors suffering from hemorrhage will produce more pools of blood and lose healing progress if they stop healing.

Perks that activate bleeds.


The player’s movement speed has been slowed down.


Players cannot interact with generators, totems, chests, hooks, or other survivors.

Perks that activate Incapacited.


Only from Doctor’s Power, Carter’s Spark


Survivors take 25% longer to heal while Maimed.

Perks that activate Mangled.


Survivors cannot hear the terror radius, nor do they hear the killer’s proximity heartbeat warning.

Perks that activate Oblivious. Dead by Daylight Status Effects Guide

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