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Dead by Daylight September Prime Gaming Reward listed

Dead by Daylight September Prime Gaming Reward listed

Dead by Daylight’s September Prime Gaming reward will be gone soon. In the past, players have earned cosmetics or spells after connecting their Prime accounts to their Twitch accounts, but this time it’s different. Blood Points are one of the main currencies in Dead by Daylight, and players use the points to unlock items in the Bloodweb. This is the main way to level a character, earn items, and learn teachable perks.

Uroboros is unleashed!
Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil: PROJECT W is available now:

— Dead By Daylight (@DeadByBHVR) August 30, 2022

Players must both own Dead by Daylight and have an active Amazon Prime account. Login to your account and go to the link. Click on the September icon and follow the instructions. After your account is connected, you will be rewarded with a business code. Copy the code and go to the Dead by Daylight store and copy the code in the Redeem window. This should give you the 400,000 Blood Points.

Bloodpoints are available on PC (Steam, Epic, Windows, Stadia), PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch platforms. Meanwhile, last week’s rank reset took place, rewarding players with BP and resetting everyone’s rank. Whether you like the grind or not, it’s time for all of us to start over at Iron. Dead by Daylight September Prime Gaming Reward listed

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