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Apex Legends Mirage Crafting Item Trick

A new trick has recently been discovered for Mirage Mains in Apex Legends.

A TikTok went viral from the account mblohr who demonstrated the hack to his friend. While fairly easy, it requires some prior knowledge of character mechanics.

Players can unlock Mirage for either 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins. He is an offensive Legend that puts him in the same class as Wraith, Bangalore, Octane, Revenant, Horizon, and Fuse. The trick is used to gain extra security when crafting items.

In Apex Legends, Mirage’s skills make him a good addition to any team. His ability, Psyche Out, is used to use holographic clones in combat. Each hologram has 45 HP and a quick 15 second cooldown. They are effective distractions and lures for enemies, being able to mimic any number of the host’s actions: walking, running, strafing, jumping, sliding, and, as it turns out, tinkering.

For players who have a good handle on the holographic trickster, this new trick will come naturally. To start, players must place a decoy near a replicator. Replicators are stations scattered across the map that allow players to turn collected materials into loot.

When the clone is in position, players must go to another side of the replicator, press the button that controls the decoy’s movement, and begin crafting. Then, when the player crafts, the clone mimics the player’s actions, confusing the enemies as to who the actual target is. This allows players to safely craft with an extra line of protection. Apex Legends Mirage Crafting Item Trick

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