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American Chess Prodigy Filed $100 Million Lawsuit Over Accusations He Usdeult Toys To Cheat

“Carlsen has exploited his notoriety and success in chess to create an incredibly lucrative global brand and online chess company,” the lawsuit stated, noting that, “Prior to the acts giving rise to this complaint, Play Magnus proudly touted Niemann as one of its brand ambassadors.”

The lawsuit alleged that Magnus, “Believes that when it comes to chess, he can do whatever he wants and get away with it.”

The document further stated that, “Niemann embarrassed Carlsen by playfully taunting him during his post-match interview,” and alleges that, “Notorious for his inability to cope with defeat, Carlsen snapped.”

Moreover, the lawsuit claimed, “Unbiased top chess analysts dissected” the match between Niemann and Carlsen and “concluded” the teenager’s “victory resulted more from Carlsen’s particularly poor play than Niemann’s, particularly exceptional play.”

While Niemann may have given an “exceptional” performance, his history of play has not been without scandals — even before Carlsen’s accusations.

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