Alexandru Lanosi a Man Who Allegedly Killed His Wife

Italy: A guy accused of murdering his wife in front of their kid attempted suicide inside a jail with a broomstick. Alexandru Lanosi, 35, went into a coma only a few weeks after arrested for fatally stabbing his wife with a knife. Iansoi reportedly fatally stabbed his 40-year-old wife Lilia Patranjel in their Italian home’s living room while their 4-year-old kid saw the whole crime. Follow stoptechy for more info.

Alexandru Lanosi a murdurer

Iansoi, who was born in Romania, tried to commit himself in his cell. Because he was “devastated by emotions of remorse” for the atrocity he had done. “I did everything by myself to punish myself. The guy allegedly remarked a few days after waking up from his coma. After the event on October 6. He transferred to Venice’s Dell’ Angelo Hospital’s reanimation unit. Where he is presently claimed to be healing.

A Husband Who Allegedly Murdered His Wife

Lilia, who died with him, was a qualified caregiver from Moldova. The couple moved to Italy in 2017. According to allegations, Iansoi physically abused Lilia three times. As retaliation for her divorce request. The 35-year-old seized a kitchen knife and repeatedly stabbed the lady in the chest and stomach on September 22. Lilia tragically died straight away.

Alexandru Lanosi

Iansoi afterwards confessed to the police what he had done. He arrested and accused with willful homicide after his four-year-old apparently informed investigators, “Mother fell.” According to attorneys, Ianosi’s defence will rely on a psychiatric evaluation that will indicate. He wasn’t himself on the day of the murder. “Come and fetch me, I murdered my partner,” he allegedly informed the cops.

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